We provide GREEN cleaning because TOMORROW matters.


We all know that taking a green approach to cleaning will help our planet. At PA Service Group we believe in taking a more localized approach to improving the environment. We focus on the environment inside of your home or business. Conventional cleaning products contain chemicals that can cause irritation to your eyes and skin. Many of these products contain perfumes and scents that can cause irritation in the upper respiratory system. By using only EPA approved solutions we are able to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in your building. In addition the air quality inside of your building can contain more than five times the pollutants than the air outside. By using certified anti-allergen HEPA filtration in our vacuums we not only remove dust, pet dander, and pollen from your floors and soft surfaces we remove them from your air. When combined with properly maintaining your heating and cooling system the effects of health issues such as asthma, allegories, and COPD can be reduced.

Here are a few of the ways we provide true GREEN services.


Supplies and Solutions


All of our standard product carry one of the following seals

  • Green Seal
  • EcoLogo
  • Certified Organic
  • Environmentally Responsible

When dealing with more aggressive solutions we provide containment of the area and use HEPA filters to remove any harmful chemicals from the environment

All of our equipment is clean air certified and use HEPA filters.

We use true seal bagless vacuums to eliminate waste.

We use concentrated solutions to limit the amount of containers used. All containers are recycled.

We reduce the use of paper product by using sponges and microfiber towels. All paper products are collected and recycled.

All of our vehicles are properly maintained to insure maximum fuel mileage and reduced emissions.



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